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How and when was the group formed?
The initiative started several weeks ago with an invitation from ARA to all National and State Associations and other major industry leaders.

Is the Repo Alliance another association?
NO! The Repo Alliance is a collaborative effort of the groups which decided to answer the call and develop a fundraising program to further the interests of OUR industry and provide a voice at both National and State levels.

Which organizations came together?
American Recovery Association (ARA), the California Association of Licensed Repossessors (CALR), Texas Accredited Repossession Professionals (Texas ARP), and Harding Brooks Insurance.

How do you contribute?
Can I use any other method to contribute?
YES, you can mail a check, payable to Repo Alliance at 1400 Corporate Dr., Suite 175, Irving, TX, 75038.

Will funding reports and expenditures be available for review?
Why hire a dedicated lobbyist instead of just working with other lobbying groups?
We are working with other industry lobbyist groups but have realized without OUR OWN VOICE, we would be trusting the future of the Recovery Industry to the priorities of others. Riding the coattails of these other groups, puts our agenda as simply an afterthought.

What are the GOALS?

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